Mobile Development & Web Design


Giggy iOS and Android App Template

Giggy | Gig Economy Social Application
TranslateIt App Template

TranslateIt | Speech and Text Translations Application
XSRadio App Template

XSRadio | SHOUTcast Radios Application
ShotQuotes App Template

ShotQuotes | Photography Application + In-App Purchase
QRcodeScanner App Template

QRcode Scanner | QR Code/Barcode Reader and Creator Application
BeenThere App Template

BeenThere | iOS Social Travelling Application
Askk App Template

Askk | Social Questions/Answers Application
Snapback App Template

Snapback | iPhone Custom Cameras Application + In-App Purchase
Buzzer App Template

Buzzer | Twitter-like Social Application
Bazaar App Template

Bazaar | Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Application
Opposite App Template

Opposite | Words Puzzle Game Application
pure App Template

pure | Text-only Anti-social Network App + Web version
bCards App Template

bCards | Virtual Business Cards Application
PenPals App Template

PenPals | Real Letters Social Application
Z Store App Template

Z Store | E-Commerce Shop Application with PayPal SDK
CityGo App Template

CityGo | Single City Guide Store Finder Application
WallUp App Template

WallUp | Social Wallpapers Application
Eventik App Template

Eventik | Social Events Application
Pikky App Template

Pikky | iPhone Instagram-like Social Media Application


Mobile App Developer, Web Designer, hobbyist writer and musician, selling templates for developers who don't want to waste time.
It was 2012 when I got my first iOS project done, it was a simpler note-taking app with CoreData as backend, but it felt great to have a full-working application in my hands.

Since then, I've worked hard to improve my skills on mobile and also web development, exploring languages like Swift, Java, XML, HTML and PHP, as well as getting better with Photoshop and Illustrator. So, all the templates that you see on my Portfolio have been created by myself, from code to graphic design.
I have to say, I'm really proud of my work :)

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