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Crafting full-working templates for almost any use, perfect for beginners and intermediate developers.


Awesome iOS 14 Icons Design

If you're enjoying the new iOS 14 Shortcut app and love modding your iPhone home screen, check out this selection of iOS 14 icons!

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The Right backend for your apps

XServer is a PHP/JSON REST API for you to build your own backend for your mobile applications and websites, a great alternative to popular BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) like Firebase or Parse Server, all under your control.

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This is XScoder, a Mobile and Web Developer, creator of the XServer REST API and, a BaaS website for your mobile and web applications.
I’m building templates the best way I can and offer my clients the right products for their needs.

The digital era is the future, so I’m working hard to make it as good as possible.

You know, I’m not perfect and that’s a pretty good thing because it helps me to improve my skills day-by-day.

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