Map Android Application

This source code is a great starting point for building an app with Geolocation and Map features, where you can search for cities or full addresses on a Map and get their GPS coordinates for further use.


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It has clean, easy-to-edit UI design - you can edit its look via the XML files in Android Studio. This template allows you to search for an address or city by an EditText on the top of the screen, it has got a pin icon for the chosen location, colored radius around such pin, current location button and you can switch from classic to satellite map as well.

The code is well commented, in order for you to understand how this app works and, in case you are a student,  it’s a good way to learn the awesome Java language and grow your skills on Android development 😉


  • Full Android Studio project - working source code
  • PSD icon folder with app icon (1024x1024px .psd file) and other icons for the UI elements used in this template
  • Documentation .pdf file


  • Native Android Studio project - working source code
  • Android 5.0 and higher
  • Universal
  • Search locations by city or full address
  • Circle radius around a chosen location
  • Slider to increase distance range from 5 to 200 Km
  • Current location detection
  • Switch between Classic and Satellite map
  • Get location coordinates and address for further use


August 12, 2018
- First release | Native Android Studio project
- Android 5.0 and higher | Java


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